Let me set up your Etsy shop so you can start making sales!

Let me set up your Etsy shop so you can start making sales!

Sometimes starting is the hardest part and if that's been keep you from making passive income on Etsy--let me help! I'll set up your shop from start to finish with beautiful evergreen templates you'll have forever to tweak, change and resell...seriously. PLUS get custom SEO that you can use in your shop to get targeted customers sent directly to you and ready to buy!

Is it time that you did that thing?

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2023 goals

1. start my etsy shop

To The Shop Set Ups

I don't know about you, but I personally struggled for YEARS to get my own Etsy shop up and running and you know what the hardest part was? Clicking 'open your shop'.

I didn't know what to put up there, what SEO or keywords even were or how to write those damn descriptions. Sound familiar? 

If you're in the same boat, I feel you and I can help.

I'll personally go into your shop, set up evergreen listings for you, give you all of your SEO you'll ever need AND do your shop graphics so you'll be set to make sales.

Ready for your life to change?


Tell me if this sounds like you...

Tell me if this sounds like you...

because this was me just a few years ago


Feeling lost as to what digital products are and how to turn them into a full time income--passively.


Wondering what to create or even HOW to start making designs that will sell...it's all seriously so overwhelming.


Hearing the term SEO and wanting to throw up because like where do you even start to know what titles, tags and descriptions to use on Etsy???


Wishing there was an easier way to get your shop up and running so you can just copy and paste everything to easily make listings when you have time or are inspired to do so without all the other fuss of creating things from scratch.

Get your shop set up, custom SEO and keywords, shop banner, custom logo, and shop details + policies set up for you!

the etsy shop set up


Get 5 listings set up for you that you can easily tweak, change and sell forever with the evergreen templates I set up for you (websites, social media templates, etc.) You'll also have access to these to save to your own Canva and keep on hand to easily duplicate and edit when you'd like to make new listings so you're never starting from scratch.

I'll research the best keywords for you to use in your shop based on the specific customer you'd like to talk to or types of templates you're going to stock your shop with (ex. weddings, moms, baby showers, tshirts, websites, etc.) You tell me your target audience and I'll do all the hard work of finding the keywords that will bring them to your shop!

Here's What You'll Get

5 Evergreen Templates

Custom Shop SEO

feature one

feature two

Struggling with making your shop look beautiful and professional? I gotchu. I'll design your shop banner and custom logo based on the vibe you want your shop to be (feminine, boho, modern, or minimalistic). Leave the design work to me!

Shop Banner and Logo

feature four

I'll populate your 5 evergreen listings with all the current best-selling keywords in their titles, tags and descriptions so all you have to do is copy the listing and simply drop in any future designs you do without messing with the titles, tags or descriptions--so easy!

Titles, Tags and Descriptions

feature Three


How It Works

Apply for a shop set up ( I only take on 10 per month) and fill out all of your info + schedule your set up.

First This

I'll add the templates, SEO, titles, tags, descriptions, policies, banner and logo to your shop.

Then This

You can go in and edit + tweak the templates as you like to fully stock your shop by simply copying and pasting the evergreen listings in the future.

Finally, This

A year from now you will have wished you started today...

because the results can be massive

One Payment 

5 evergreen templates

custom shop seo and keywords

titles, tags and descriptions

shop graphics (banner and logo)

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“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”

— Me, Yesterday

Creating passive income for you and/or your family

Building a system that makes Etsy EASY

Attracting your dream clients with targeted SEO

Creating freedom in your life financially

Paying off that debt you've been loosing sleep over and all with passive income

Feeling empowered to grow and maintain your shop with the strong foundation I'll set up for you

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

apply now

done-for-you templates

custom seo for your audience

titles, tags and descriptions to attract dream customers

Follow a proven roadmap to success on etsy

This is for you if:

you're struggling to start your shop

you're a seasoned etsy seller

you don't know what or how to create templates that sell

you're not willing to put additional work into your etsy shop

seo is overwhelming for you and you want an expert to do it for you correctly

It's probably not for you if...

you dislike being creative and making digital templates

when will my shop get done?

You'll get a link to schedule when you purchase so you'll get to pick your exact set up date

Frequently Asked Questions

what do I need to do?

After I set up your shop, you'll go in and tweak your templates to your own preferences and style then easily duplicate the listings I made for you and simply upload your new designs too.

how long before I start making sales?

My clients who follow my instructions to a tee have started making sales within 3 days of my set up :)

what if I don't know what 'niche' I want for my custom SEO?

I recommend you search on Etsy to see the kind of templates you'd like to create in the future and base your niche on that. I do require you to provide that in your questionnaire but can also do a 'generic' SEO PDF for you if you are totally unsure of your specific audience.