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Hi, I'm Anastasia. I've been a single mom for the last 6 years and have tried my hand at just about every side hustle to make the extra income I needed to support me and my kids. I started my own wedding photography business which gave me the income--but not the freedom. My weekends were taken up, my weeknights after bedtimes were spent editing and the rest of the time I was worrying about where my next booking would come from.

I needed a change.

That's when I hopped on Etsy (and took it seriously this time) to try and sell digital templates. After spending countless hours learning everything on my own, I had a shop that generates $4-5k per month in passive income selling digital templates. If that sounds like something you're looking for too--you're in the right place.


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I just finished the course and it was packed with so much value!

alisa m.

“I learned SO much in such a short time! Anastasia was really kind, approachable and so quick in answering any of my questions. I’m so thankful I took a chance and signed up for her course!”

leigh-ann r.

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