a business coach for women who want to create passive income through design.

Hi friends,

I'm Anastasia

After years in the creative field doing the 9-5 grind, I found myself wondering...

Is this it? Am I required to wake up, spend 8 hours at a desk, come home exhausted to my child after him spending all day at daycare and then rinse and repeat? I was beyond the point of burn out and frankly on the verge of a quarter-life crisis.

I refused to accept that reality and decided to find out a better way.

After endless hours of pouring over YouTube videos and inspirational articles until my wine glass ran empty and my eyes sagged with sleep, I came across the concept of passive income and my life was forever changed.

Hell No.

I decided to stop trading time for money and instead...

I chose myself, my family, my kids and my LIFE.

It didn't happen overnight but I had a plan--use my knowledge of graphic design and marketing to launch website templates for passive income.

Hours and hours of my time were spent finding out exactly how to do that and boy do I wish I had it all laid out in a course when I started out. There's so much BS on the internet that I had to sift through in the wee hours of the morning after my son went to sleep.

But finally, I had a course of action, systems to support it and a few designs under my belt that were ready to launch. And those templates made me over $30k+ in passive income in the first year alone.

** I'm here to save you all of those hours of research and sleepless nights

ready to grow?

Does design + passive income
sound good to you?

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